Last weekend I went to FogCon, and had a lot of fun.

FogCon is great because a lot of my confriends go to it, and it’s in San Francisco. Which tends to be a lot nicer than central Illinois during March.

However, as usual, little sleep occured. Between shifting time zones, staying up late to talk, and the time change, very little sleep occured. Then when I returned, I found that I’d brought a souvenir cold back with me. Not a bad one, but it has managed to up my need for sleep while simultaneously making it harder to sleep.

All of this is just a long road to saying that my brain is currently mush.

But the writing must go on!

Which it does, slowly. Mushed out like this, I have two strategies. The first, write like I always write. Meaning, I do all my traditional rituals. Go to the place I usually write, get the music I usually listen to, and settle in. Habit helps push me forward. The second is do some revision. Coming up with something new is the hard part of writing for me. Sanding and refinishing the old is easier. So it’s been a lot of rewriting and polishing the last few days.

What do you guys do when your skull has become a pudding cup?

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