Jaleigh Johnson spends most of her days passing in and out of various fantasy worlds, though she insists the real world is by far the strangest and the most challenging to navigate.  She has written four novels and several short stories for the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.  She lives in the Champaign/Urbana area with her husband, and in her spare time, she enjoys gardening, playing video games, and going to the movies.  Visit her at www.jaleighjohnson.com.

Gary Kloster is a writer, librarian, martial arts instructor, and stay-at-home father. Sometimes all in the same day, but seldom all at the same time. His short stories have appeared in Clarkesword, Fantasy Magazine, the Intergalactic Medicine Show, and Writers of the Future 25. His novels have so far appeared in only the finest slush piles.

Elizabeth Shack grew up near the science-fictional setting of Johnson Space Center, but her favorite genre has always been fantasy. She now lives in central Illinois, where she writes for a software company, brings up the rear in 5k races, and does less yard work than her neighbors would like. Visit her at www.elizabethshack.com.

Kelly Swails is an editor, writer, and recovering microbiologist whose work has appeared in several anthologies. When she’s not slaving away over a hot keyboard, she reads, knits, watches movies, and plucks at a guitar. There’s an internet rumor she sleeps, too, but that has yet to be proven. You can visit her at www.kellyswails.com.

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