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Cons, 2015 edition

I’ve been spending far too much time gawking at the Hugo train wreck (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can try GRRM’s Not a Blog or File770 for a breakdown. Really though, it may be best to just consider yourself lucky and move on.) However, with all the talk of WorldCon, I decided I’d throw up my con going schedule for this year.

FogCon– already done! Lots of fun, as always, and a few days of writing next to the Pacific afterwards.

Mo*Con– A little con in Indianapolis that I’ve been having a lot of fun with. Good discussion, and small enough to meet everyone.

WisCon– First con I ever went to, and haven’t missed one yet. This will be number 8. I can only remember that because our second daughter was only three weeks old at that first one, and we were carrying her around the con with us.

CONvergence– first time going to this one, mostly to visit old friends in Minnesota.

GenCon– Big fun in Indy. Just wish I could get a decent hotel…

I think that about wraps it up. No WorldCon or World Fantasy this year, their both a bit far and I’ve got enough travel piled up already.


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Recommending a book I haven’t read is risky. What if I end up not liking it?

But my other option for a blog post today was the Hugo award nominees, so here you go:

I’m looking forward to reading David Walton’s new novel Superposition.

SUPERPOSITION is about a family torn apart, a man falsely accused of murder, and a race to control a quantum technology before a powerful creature destroys them all. With the breathless pace and mind-bending plot twists of films like Inception or The Minority Report, SUPERPOSITION delivers a technology thriller that stands with the best in the genre.

It’s a quantum mechanics mystery/thriller and it got a good review in the Washington Post recently.

I can’t say much more that that because I haven’t read it. But combine physics and murder and I’m in!

(Fictional murders only please. Or historical.)

The author’s a member of the same writing forum I am, and the things he’s said about it were enough to get me to preorder. So it better be good, because I’ve already got a copy waiting for me to read.

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A different kind of writing

I used to write a lot of nonfiction. Four or five articles a week, at a minimum. After I left the newspaper world I wrote a lot of website copy and blog posts. But for the past few years most of the writing I’ve done at my day job has been emails.

I miss nonfiction, though, so I was happy to get the chance to interview one of the authors in the April issue of Flash Fiction Online. (I was also happy because I thought her story was hilarious.)

You can read my interview with Laura Pearlman (and much more importantly, her story!) at Flash Fiction Online.

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