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Inside Writing

Another week, another science fiction/fantasy kerfluffle. Only this time, it’s being talked about in USA Today and the Washington Post. Mainstream media, in other words, and not just blogs, i09, and Boing Boing.

This sort of infighting is pretty “inside baseball,” meaning that most of us on the inside are aware of all the scuttlebuts and gossip and such. In recent months our fights surrounding the Hugo Awards (hosts, nominations, what have you) have found their way to outsiders.

I find the whole thing exhausting and distracting. When I feel my anxiety start to ratchet up, I remind myself why I’m in this game to begin with: the readers. I didn’t start writing to win awards or be an industry darling. I started writing so I could connect with readers through words. So I could entertain them and give them an escape from real life for an hour or three. Remembering that helps get my mind back on the task at hand: writing compelling fiction.


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