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I’m back!

Excuse me while I clear the dust off my corner of the blog.

Let’s see, wow, the past few months have been interesting–and I mean that in good and bad ways.  I’ve gone from incredible writing-related high points, ones that involved much squeeing and shouting and oh-my-god-this-can’t-be-happening-to-me-ing…to really dismal times of trying to get through one of the worst tax seasons ever and learning how to handle being a caregiver at the same time.  Stress management has become something I pay more attention to than I ever have before in my life.

I’m going to dwell mostly on the good stuff, though, because I have things I’ve been dying to talk about, and because there are other things I’m just not able to talk about on the blog.  I don’t have the mental fortitude for it right now, and more importantly, much of the information isn’t mine to share.  Suffice to say, I have reason to feel very optimistic about the future, and while I won’t say the bad stuff is over, because I don’t want to tempt the universe, I will say that I am hopeful.

But, on to the good stuff.  You know how people say that in publishing, you can never get in a hurry?  You finally land an agent, and you come down from that euphoria to realize it’s only the beginning of a long process.  You still have to *fingers crossed* sell the book, edit and revise and edit and revise some more, and even after that, your book might not come out for a long time.  Publishing moves at a glacial pace–it’s just something you have to learn to deal with as you navigate the business side of writing.  You’ve heard all this, yes?  Well, all of this is absolutely true 99% of the time.

But occasionally, you encounter the other 1%.

My amazing agent, Sara Megibow, went on submission with my book not too long after we finished ringing in 2013.  Beyond the occasional update, I was prepared not to hear any news until tax season was winding down.  So I was shocked when an email landed in my inbox just days later.  We had an offer.

After that, everything turned into a whirlwind, but when the excitement finally died down, I’d signed a tw0 book deal with Delacorte Press for The Mark of the Dragonfly.  Suddenly, I had an agent and an editor, both of whom expressed such excitement and love for the book–I can’t adequately explain how that makes me feel, but I will say that it helped get me through the hard times over the next couple months, and that’s no small thing.

So, it’s good to be back, and I’m excited to see where the publishing roller coaster ride takes me next.


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If you don’t stop and look around every once in a while …

A portion of my writing head space is occupied with where I am on the career spectrum. Just how big a portion has changed over the years. In the beginning that slice of head space pie was huge. Ginormous. Because I didn’t have a career to speak of yet. As a newbie writer all I wanted was a writing credit and I was completely obsessed with the fact that I didn’t. On one hand that obsession was a good thing–it pushed me to learn about the genres, learn about the business, and spend inordinate amounts of time writing not-so-great prose. On the other hand, it fed a lot of jealousy and turmoil that I shouldn’t have been focusing on. Spending too much time worrying about not having a career basically ensures that you won’t have the career you want.

The opposite is true, too. Worrying about your place in the career spectrum less gives you more time to, you know, work on your career. This hit me in the nose yesterday as I took care of some writing business. I hardly think about where I am in my career track. Sure, I’d like to be further along–I’d love to have a few books on the shelf now–but for the most part I’m too busy writing to notice. I have three short stories to write for anthologies I’ve been invited to. I’ve got a book I’m rewriting that I hope to have done by November. I’m heading up the Origins Library next year and I’ve started laying the groundwork for that. At some point, without my noticing it, I got a writing career.

I just had to stay out of my own way enough to keep writing and make it happen.



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