Top-Secret Productivity Hack!

So it turns out that going over a 9 item checklist for each page of my novella takes kind of a while. But! I recently discovered a new productivity-boosting trick to get my butt in my chair with my printout and multicolor pen.

I sprained my ankle.

No tennis. No yardwork. No going to the park and walking around. No painting (my drawing table is set up for standing at). No computer! (My computer is on a standing desk.)

If I hadn’t been at a stage where I was working on real live dead trees, this would have been an anti-productivity hack. But since I was working on paper, and it’s really easy to edit on paper with your foot propped up on a chair, two pillows, a towel and a ziploc of ice, I spent more time working on the novella than I would have otherwise.

The bad news is that my ankle is feeling much better. Yesterday I spent three hours digging up grass for my garden, and today I played tennis. Maybe I’ll sprain the other ankle tomorrow.

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