Only 855 things left to do

I’m slooooowly working through the final draft of my novella. Slowly because I have a 9-item checklist for every page, and there are 95 pages. It’s hard to estimate since I’m scribbling on a printout, but I’ve increased the length of the section I’ve edited by about a fifth so far. People always talk about cutting during revisions and edits. My stories grow.

My checklist comes mostly from two workshops I’ve taken: one from a while back on getting deep into the character’s head, and one from a couple months ago on depth. Which is basically the same stuff, but with a different way of approaching it. Sometimes I need to look at the same thing two or three different ways to make sure I’m not missing something.

I would have liked to finish the novella this week, but dayjob stuff is busy, so it won’t get done. The end is in sight, though!

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