Recommending a book I haven’t read is risky. What if I end up not liking it?

But my other option for a blog post today was the Hugo award nominees, so here you go:

I’m looking forward to reading David Walton’s new novel Superposition.

SUPERPOSITION is about a family torn apart, a man falsely accused of murder, and a race to control a quantum technology before a powerful creature destroys them all. With the breathless pace and mind-bending plot twists of films like Inception or The Minority Report, SUPERPOSITION delivers a technology thriller that stands with the best in the genre.

It’s a quantum mechanics mystery/thriller and it got a good review in the Washington Post recently.

I can’t say much more that that because I haven’t read it. But combine physics and murder and I’m in!

(Fictional murders only please. Or historical.)

The author’s a member of the same writing forum I am, and the things he’s said about it were enough to get me to preorder. So it better be good, because I’ve already got a copy waiting for me to read.

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