What’s New?

I had an interesting experience at a family event last weekend. As usual for the sort of thing where you meet up with people you haven’t seen a few months or more, there was a lot of “What’s new in your life?”

To which I kept replying, “Not much, same job, same house, ….” Once we’d gone back to the hotel, I commented to my husband that I kept forgetting to say “What’s new? I sold two stories last month.” So the next time someone asked, he prompted me.

I’m ok with not saying “I came in 3rd to last in the last session of tennis league” or “I’m taking a painting class.” But writing is such a big part of how I think of myself and how I spend my time. I worry about boring people with too many details, but what’s more boring, talking about writing fiction or talking about going to my office job? Next time I’ll remember.

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