Seasonal writing? Nope.

Recently, I saw some writers discussing how their writing productivity varies with the season.

I looked at my data, and was surprised that the seasons don’t seem to affect me. I should have more time in winter because I’m not gardening, but I also have less energy. I’m a light-oriented person. If the sun isn’t shining, I’m sleepy. This makes winter a great time for naps, but not for writing.

It might be because I have a day job. Without that, who knows how much more I’d get done in the summer? Also, my writing productivity is strongly driven by deadlines–writing deadlines make it spike up, and day job deadlines make it plummet. Both are random throughout the year. I set myself some deadlines for my writing, but so far haven’t been able to fool myself into thinking they’re real. Still, I keep trying, because it’s the best I can do.


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  1. I can neither confirm nor deny whether there were bar charts involved in my analysis of this issue.

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