How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Progress Bar

I think I wrote a post a hell of a lot like this a year ago, but I don’t care.

love my Scrivener progress bar.

That’s kind of dumb, right? It’s just a little program that keeps track of how much you need to write per day to finish your project by a certain date. It counts your words, and a little bar slowly appears, getting longer with each one, turning from red to green. Just that. Thing is though, when writing novels, it helps me out a ton. It lets me know I’m on track, and that if I just keep plugging away, this thing will eventually be done.

More importantly though, it tells me when I’m done for the day. There’s a goal, I go for it, I reach it, and boom. Done. The rest of the day I’m guilt free. Have a done my writing? Yes. Should I do more? Meh, only if I really feel like it. This takes an amazing amount of stress out of the process for me.

So here I am, thirty-thousand words into the first book of the year (I can be optimistic), and it feels pretty good. The bar is green, and if I keep it green, the stories will be finished.


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