My ConFusion 2015 Panel Schedule

I’m once again attending ConFusion, from Jan 16-18 in Detroit. (You can tell how much I like the people there by how willing I am to drive across Michigan in winter.)

Here is my panel schedule:

Friday 5pm: Gadgets and Apps for Writing
Scrivener, Evernote, writing books on phones and tablets!

Saturday 10am: All Your Data Are Belong to Us
What is “the internet of things?” How smart do we really want our devices to be? What will society look like when whole systems of objects talk to each other to shape our lives? And who controls the data our things collect?

Saturday 1pm: Current State of Short Fiction
An update on the state of short fiction in the fantasy/SF world – who’s writing, publishing, and reading?

Saturday 2pm: Fat Phobia in Fiction
Hey, look! A fat person in a fantasy/science-fiction book! What’s that? They’re the evilest evil-doer in the land? Oh, wait, no, they’re just lazy and cruel! Well, that’s better. Fat, likable characters – do they exist?

I have a lot of thinking to do for some of these!

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