Going quiet

I was going to say ‘going dark,’ but that just sounded too ominous, like I was headed off on a secret government mission.  Actually, I’ve just got multiple projects going, with work on book 2 (title coming soon, promise!), notes and planning on a secret project, preparing for end of year/tax season madness at the day job, and oh yeah, the holidays are careening toward us.  But I’ve also been squeezing in some fun here and there.  This little game called Dragon Age: Inquisition came out, so I’ve been making mischief in the world of Thedas.  More on that in a minute, for those interested.

So, I’m going quiet on the blog for a while, but I’ll pop back in whenever I can with updates on all things Dragonfly and Solace.  For those celebrating this week, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and I hope the rest of the holidays are enjoyable for you as well.  I’ll be back when I can.

And for those playing Inquisition at home, I’m not too far in the game yet–so much to do!–but as with the previous games, I’m absolutely loving it.  I made it out of the Hinterlands and have been poking around the Storm Coast and the Western Approach while getting to know my companions and deciding if I’m going to let Commander Cullen woo me.  In my head, our courtship would go something like this (spoilers for the first two Dragon Age games:

Inquisitor: So, if we’re going to be in a relationship in this heroic fantasy RPG, I have a few questions.
Cullen:  Fire away.
Inquisitor: Are you going to try to kill me at any point in our relationship?
Cullen: Never!
Inquisitor: *still sleeping with a murder knife under my pillow*  Good then.  Next question: are you secretly the heir to any throne in Thedas, thus potentially complicating our romantic future?
Cullen: No.
Inquisitor: Do you have lyrium burned into your skin?
Cullen: Of course not! Why do you ask?
Inquisitor: Has the potential to give you an unbearable level of angst. Final question, are you now, or do you ever plan to become possessed by any spirits or demons?
Cullen: Absolutely not!
Inquisitor: Hmmm…might need a urine sample to be sure.  All right, I think you pass inspection.  You may woo me now.
Cullen: Er, what if I no longer want to?
Inquisitor: I’m afraid you have no choice.  I’ve already selected the ‘Heart’ dialog option.

Love this game.  🙂


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