Happy Halloween!

How about a scary story?

There was once a person who loved to tell stories. First they told them to themselves, and they had a wonderful time. Then, one day, a friend heard them mumbling to themselves and told them to speak up. So, they did, and their friend liked the story. They liked it so much, they asked to hear another. And another. The storyteller began making up more and more stories to tell them, and with practice each story became more complex, more interesting, more compelling. Soon, our storyteller was spinning tales to all of their friends, and even people they didn’t know, and they all seemed quite pleased with them. It was all going quite well until one day, after finishing a particularly gripping tale involving pirates, dolphins, and emus, a voice drifted out from the crowd of listeners.

“Hey! That was pretty good. Why don’t you try to sell some of them stories?”

This was an idea that the storyteller had been considering for some time. “Well, I’m not sure how,” they said.

“It’s easy,” said the voice. “Just write down the story into a book, and send it off.”

“Just that?”

“Just that,” said the helpful voice. “Well, it’ll need a query and a short synopsis too.”

“Well, okay then!” said the storyteller, and off they went.


(In case you missed the intricate, terrifying subtleties embedded in the text, the helpful voice obviously belongs to Satan)

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