I’m deep into revisions for book 2 in the world of Solace.  Title coming soon!

As I was working today, it occurred to me that when people ask me how I get writing done, I tell them that I measure progress by hitting a daily word count, usually 1000-1300 words a day.  But for edits and revisions, my process is slightly different.  Instead of trying to hit a daily word count goal, I have a set number of pages that I try to edit before I quit.  So if I have a month to edit a 300-page novel, I know I have to get through at least 10 pages a day to make the deadline.

The trick is sometimes there are very few edits to make on these groups of ten pages, so I might finish in an hour or so, and sometimes there are monster edits that might take me three or four hours.  This is especially true if I have to change the structure of a scene, flesh out a character more, or add world building.  Everything has to flow, and some changes are easier to integrate into the text than others.  But no matter what, that daily goal always helps.

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