Kickstarting Not Our Kind

This summer I got to check something off my writer bingo card- I was actually solicited for a story. Nayad Munroe, who edited the What Fates Impose anthology, mailed me and asked if I would like to send her a story for a new anthology called Not Our Kind- Tales of Not Belonging.


Well, with that title, of course I wanted in. Plus, hey, this was my first invite. I didn’t want to screw that up. Because an invite is by no means a guarantee that your story will get in– It just means the editor is interested in seeing what you’ll do with the theme.

I got to work. First off, I sent her a story that I had already written that I thought fit the theme fairly well. But I made sure to tell her that I was going to be working on something new, something specifically for the anthology. Which turned out to be good, because while she liked that first story, she didn’t think it quite fit. Lucky I had that new one! Except…

Except I didn’t. Not right away at least. I had an idea, and I had a story, but it didn’t quite click. I sent it off to my writing group, and the reaction was mixed. Some thought it was fine, some thought it was okay, some thought it had issues, and I found myself agreeing with that last opinion. It had issues, and the story just wasn’t quite clicking, and I couldn’t figure out how to make it work. So a week before the deadline, I chucked it.

I was going to have to do something else.

This should have been panic time. Luckily though, I had another idea stewing. And over the next few days I cranked it out. Westerns. Windmills. Outcasts. Umwelt. Churn that altogether and story. With almost a day to spare, I was done.

Of course I’d screwed up my timing though and thought I had two days to spare. By the time I figured out my error, I had minutes to spare and managed to send it out in a panic.

Don’t screw up. Yeah.

Well, I guess I didn’t. Because Nayad liked it, and now my story is going to be in Not Our Kind.


And here’s where I act all smooth. Like most anthologies now a days, Not Our Kind is getting kickstarted. Which means it will only happen if you, dear readers, want it to happen. So check out the link. There are some great people in this book– Maurice Broaddus, Sarah Hans, Ekaterina Sedia, Lucy A. Snyder, and a lot more. There’s going to be some great stories too.

And just think– if you order it, you can find out what the hell Umwelt means.

Just googling the word is totally cheating, btw.

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