Tiny Queries

I spent this morning writing Twitter pitches for next week’s PitMad, which is Tuesday Sept. 9 from 8am-8pm eastern time.

PitMad is a quarterly Twitter contest. For 12 hours, writers tweet queries with the hashtag #PitMad, and agents favorite tweets of books they’d like to request. The official rules and list of future dates are here: http://www.brenda-drake.com/pitmad/

Last time, I found out about it halfway through the day it was happening. This time I’m planning ahead. I have eight different tweets, which I’ll winnow down a bit before posting. It’s suggested that authors post twice an hour. Maybe that’s a good idea, given the volume of tweets this can generate, but I’d feel spammy. I’m aiming for once an hour, which is still two weeks’ worth of tweets for me.

If you thought cramming a whole novel into a query was tough, try fitting one into 140 characters or less.

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