Something New

After finishing up the Pathfinder book, my plan for this summer was to crank out a few short stories, then launch into the next book. How’d that work out?

Well, the short stories got done. And a couple of them even sold. But the book… I kept bouncing off of. It seemed to start nicely, with the world building going so well, but when I started to try to figure out plot–you know, what actually happens in the story–I never got very far. By the end of summer, I was mostly just sick of the whole thing.

Well, the one joy of not being under contract is that if something isn’t working, you can always bounce. I decided to try something new, a SF book, a space opera thing with its own special weirdness. But even weirder, for me, is I have a co-author.

I talked to one of my writer friends, someone I’ve known since college, and we agreed to try writing this together. How? We have no clue. Neither one of us has co-authored anything before. Which means that this should be interesting, no matter what. Hopefully in a hey-this-is-neat-let’s-figure-this-out sort of way, and not in a never-talk-to-me-again sort of way. 

We’re going to start with brainstorming up an idea, and go from there, with the object of having a book like thing by the end of the year. Which may be wildly optimistic, but wild optimism is a useful trait for a writer. It bookends nicely with the neurotic despair.

I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Unless she kills me. In which case, you’ll pretty much know how it went.


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