Gearing Up

I submitting a short story today, which in an of itself isn’t a big deal, but for me felt like sort of a big deal. It’s for an open anthology for middle grade fiction. I will probably be rejected. The big thing is I wrote a story, I finished it, and I submitted it. Back to basics.

I’ve taken a little sabbatical from writing this summer. I’ve written blog posts and book reviews and the occasional short story, but I haven’t written anything major since … well, for a few months. Partly this is due to depression. I had been working on the sequel to my latest novel, and since I hadn’t gotten any bites on that novel, and since I didn’t really want to work on anything else … well. Like I said, I worked on a few things, but my oomph was gone.

Now, things are looking up. I have potential work lined up. I’m working on a novel proposal that has me excited. If everything works out I could be busy for the next several months. But for today, I wrote a story and I finished it and I submitted it.

It feels good to be back in the saddle.

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