Gen Con Schedule

Like Jaleigh and Gary and Elizabeth, I’m making the annual pilgrimage to Gen Con for the Writer’s Symposium. Simply put, the WS is the best writing con-within-a-con in the country. It’s also arguably the best writing con in the country, period. If you’re in the environs next week, consider checking it out.

Basically, I’ll be doing Symposium stuff or hiding in a corner or possibly sleeping, so if you need me you can find me doing one of those three things. Also, if you see me, I will probably need coffee and water and food, so have them on hand.


Thursday, August 14:

11-12, room 245, Story-First World Design
6-7, room 243, editing your work
7-8, room 243, ending the story
8-9, room 243, epic storylines


Friday, August 15:

1-2, room 244, how to spot a great writer
4-5, room 243 , working with a publisher
6-7, room 243, getting great reviews
7-8, room 243, breaking into a new genre
8-9, room 243, character backstory


Saturday, August 16

10-11, room 243, Middle Grade: Scaring Kids
11-12, room 243, Middle Grade: Childhood Heroes
2-3, room 243, Middle Grade: How Kids Talk
6-7, room 243, YA: Impact of reader gender on your writing
7-8, room 243, Urban Fantasy: Urban Fantasy? Or Horror?
8-9, room 243, Urban Fantasy: Religion in Urban Fantasy











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