Out and About

I’ve been sadly negligent about posting lately. I blame this mostly on the whole driving to Utah, hanging out with college friends, then driving back thing I did with the family. That shot most of two weeks, but was a lot of fun.

I’m not as organized as Elizabeth. I didn’t set writing goals for my travels. However, traveling is generally useful for the writing thing. First off, long bouts of driving mean lots of time to think through plots and world build. Second, I get to acquaint myself with things I might write about that I don’t usually encounter in my normal day-to-day. Like mountains, and white-water rafting. Finally, the most useful thing was just hanging out with my friends. They’re an interesting bunch, and I picked up a lot about supermax prisons, international human rights law, military weaponry, and the qualities of a good scotch from talking to them.

And now that I’m back, I’ll just start milling all those new thoughts into words.

Oh wait, GenCon’s next week, isn’t it…

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