Writing on Vacation

I tend to make a long list of writing projects when I go on a vacation. After all, I’m not at work or at home, so I’ll have plenty of free time, right? At least by now I’ve learned to treat the list as things to do if I feel like it, not as things I definitely want to get done.

For my most recent trip–I just got back from a week away on Saturday–the only required task on my to-do list was to come up with a story idea based on each place I visited. After smooshing some of those ideas together, I have a decent idea for a flash fiction piece and a fun idea for a novella or short novel (I’m aiming for a novella). Plus another idea that intrigues me, and a few other things that I’ll probably never do anything with. Not bad for a week entirely off.

My other writing-related vacation plan is to use jet lag to get up earlier in the morning and do more writing before work. I started writing in the morning when my job got busier and I was losing lunch hours and evening time. Today I worked on a new short story for 40 minutes, and still had time to do half an hour of yardwork. I’d rather sleep in until after 5 tomorrow, though.

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