Another Thought on Plays

Last week I added another play to my repetoir: The Last Ship. It played in Chicago for several weeks before opening on Broadway. The music and lyrics were written by Sting, and since I’m a fan (well, more of a fan of The Police, really, but I don’t have time to quibble), I was curious about it. My verdict: really cool! The music itself was fantastic, the acting superb, and the sets! Oh, the sets! The play had two acts, but lots of scene changes. The cast incorporated the scene changes with their choreography. This sounds like it might be clunky, but instead it served to keep the forward momentum going. This play had nary an infodump, either, which made me reconsider my “plays are all about the infodump” statement from a few weeks ago. I would see it again. I’ll probably buy the soundtrack, too, because I’m a sucker for a Broadway musical.

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