More thoughts on other forms of storytelling

Kelly’s post about plays got me thinking. I don’t know that I agree that plays are necessarily full of infodumps–but I can’t think of any examples either way offhand, so I won’t argue about it.

You know what’s full of infodumps? Opera. My husband and I saw Orpheus in the Underworld a few months ago. First, Public Opinion shows up and tells the audience who she is and what she’s going to do. Then Eurydice comes on stage and announces what her goals are. Then Orpheus arrives–and so on. Infodump city. But hilarious and awesome.

You know what’s not full of infodumps? Ballet. Aside from the summary they print in the program so you know what’s going on. The whole story is told through dance and music (and scenery). This might be why going to the ballet gives me story ideas. (In Swan Lake, why is von Rothbart so fond of his big swoopy cloak?) I know the basic plot, but I have to interpret the story from what I’m seeing and hearing.

You’ll learn more about dialogue from a play than from a ballet, though, I’ll give you that.

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