I don’t even know

I didn’t think I’d have anything to write about today (still trying to get back on track after vacation), but then I got some good news.  And then some awful news.  Seems like the universe always delivers these things in pairs.

Universe: “Here, have a rainbow.”
Me: “Why, thank you so much!”
Universe: “You’re welcome!  Now I’m going to punch you in the gut.”
Me: “What? Why?!”
Universe: “Dunno.  You just seemed too happy.”

And so it goes.

I can’t talk about the awful news, but the good news is it looks like I’m going to be set loose on another book tour for THE MARK OF THE DRAGONFLY this fall.  Dates and details are still being discussed (watch my website for updates), but for now, look out, west coast.  I’m headed back your way.

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  1. Hope everything is okay. Yay for book tours!

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