Yay!  Starting Friday, husband and I will be mostly off the grid for a little over a week, which is the longest vacation (meaning no work or writing commitments) we’ve taken together since…hmmm….wow, possibly since we went to Ireland back in 2011.

So yeah, we kinda need this.

We’re sticking a lot closer to home this time around, but I haven’t given up on the notion of pulling off an Italy trip sometime in the next couple years.  If for no other reason than I need to see Venice.  Whenever I read anything about that city, ideas for stories just crowd my brain.  Take this bookstore.  There are books stacked in gondolas.  Encyclopedia staircases. Yeah.  And it would be interesting to see if the Venice that I’ve created in my mind bears any resemblance to the actual city.

There probably won’t be dragons swimming in the canals, but a girl can dream.



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