The Scrambler

Have you ever ridden the Scrambler? It’s that ride at the county fair where you spin and spin and spin, and end up either crushing the person who is stuck in the car with you or being crushed, depending on which side you sat in. That’s what I was doing last week– instead of posting here.

Well, I wasn’t just riding the Scrambler. I was being a chaperone for my daughter’s girl scout troop. To celebrate finishing 5th grade they went to Six Flags and then the City Museum in St. Louis (which is awesome). So how was that? Well, the kids had a great time, and I mostly did too, even though I think I’ve lost some of my higher range hearing. High speed drills have nothing on an eleven year old screaming on a roller coaster.

That’s what I was doing instead of blogging. Also instead of writing. Well, I managed to crank out a short story at the beginning of the week, but so far summer has been a, well, scramble. Like it always is. The kids aren’t in school, my wife has a lot of time off, and we end up doing things like vacations (yay!), and house cleaning (not so yay, but it does significantly reduce the chance that any of us will be crushed to death by a misbalanced pile of accumulated crap, so useful).

So is this just another I-have-no-time-to-write sob posts? A little. But not entirely! The thing is, I’ve figured out that while I might not have great word counts over the summer, it’s usually when I tend to get a lot of my thinking/plotting/outlining done. Mowing the lawn is great for world building, and cleaning the attic seems to help solve annoying plot problems. I still need to make sure to plop my butt into a chair for awhile occasionally, but I can get things done while chasing the kids around.

Or at least that’s what I tell myself as I scramble after them.

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