Back to Ba–Wait, Hang On…

I used to be good about keeping a content calendar for my personal blog and this blog. Then I cut back on my blogging and stopped rotating through a regular list of topics.

Yesterday, while writing a post for my personal blog, I started making a list of some of the posts I’d made here. At first I thought I’d accidentally posted twice last week. Nope. I posted the same thing two weeks in a row. Not the exact same post, but last week’s was pretty much the same as the week before. I had completely forgotten that I’d already written about that topic.

I’d better start keeping a content calendar again.

So what is a a content (or editorial) calendar? Basically it’s…a calendar of content. (I bet you didn’t see that coming.) At its simplest, you get a calendar and you write what you’re going to post/tweet/facebook each day. Or week. This way you can plan things around holidays or events (like publications), or, if you’re a doofus like me, just keep yourself from posting the same thing twice in a row.

My previous calendar was a list in a Word doc, but I’m setting up the new one in Trello, which I’m already using to track writing goals. (For a couple examples of how to set up a calendar in Trello, see this post at Markerly or this other post at Drowning in Multimedia.)

The other disturbing thing I learned while looking at my recent posts here was just how boring my recent posts have been. I want to start writing good ones again. I could use a time turner, if anyone has one handy. If not, I’ve already added one nifty idea to my calendar.

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