Writing Spots, Part the Third

Or is it fourth? I’ve lost track.

When we had a house, I mostly wrote in my office. I told myself that sitting in the office is for writing and sitting anywhere else is for internet surfing, and eventually my brain believed it. Having that dedicated space did wonders for my output. I consistently wrote 1K an hour, which isn’t too shabby.

Since the move to Chicago, I don’t have a dedicated writing space. I write on the couch, at the dining room table, sometimes at a coffee shop or bar. My output has gone down a bit–I usually hit around 700 words an hour–and I wonder if not having a dedicated writing space has anything to do with that. I could be that I’m a bit more cognizant of the mistakes I make and so I self-edit as I write, which saves time one the back end but obviously does the opposite on the front end. And I do find that I interrupt myself to “just check facebook” more often.

We’ve been condo-hunting (which is an adventure in Chicago, I must say) and so hopefully I’ll have a writing space in the near future.


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