To Write, I Have A Closet

Continuing the writing spots posts. Me, I write in a closet.

Not a metaphorical one, a real one. A nice one! Our house is old, and the master bedroom has a tiny room/big closet attached to it. Maybe it was a nursery once, or  a sewing room, but now it’s my office.

I like it because it’s small but not claustrophobic (having a window helps, and it’s convenient the window is behind me, so I can’t just stare out it).  It’s just big enough to fit a good sized desk with my computer, reference books, gaming supplies, gargoyles, pretty rocks, etc, and there’s enough wall space to hang up my Writers of the Future artwork.

While I’ve had this space ever since we’ve moved into this house, I only really started using it this year. There were two reasons for this– 1, we got a new computer and moved the old one into that space, replacing my decaying laptop, and 2, the children are now both in school. Before that happened, I did almost all my writing out of the house, at the library or in coffee shops. But with the kids out and about, and an empty house, having a space set aside just for writing suddenly mattered. That was the place where I wrote– instead of internetting, or chatting, or cleaning, or gaming,  or any of the other things I did around the house.

So basically, I lock myself in a closet to write. And usually it works.

When I’m not having tea parties with the gargoyles.



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2 responses to “To Write, I Have A Closet

  1. Sven

    Gary, I enjoyed your description of your workspace. When I have tried writing at home in isolation, it works for a wee bit, but then becomes rather imprisoning, my mind gradually filling with vapid thoughts of being the only person on earth that is actually doing work at that moment (when we know, in our hearts, that there must be at least a half dozen people working; they may be in the Netherlands, but they’re working…). Solution: dangle about in the Champaign library, strangers lurking around every bookshelf, but at least we all share this thing called “group mojo”, even if I only ever speak to them to ask them to watch my stuff while I take a squirt.

    As a former library denizen, now toiling away in your master bedroom closet-room…thoughts? Sven

  2. Gary Kloster

    I have to admit, getting out of the house occasionally is nice. And I miss the ready availability of baked goods that I had at the library. But the thing is, I wake up deal with the kids, and at three I have them again until I put them to bed that night. Having alone time where no one is bugging me for anything and I can write/putter around/write… That’s pretty awesome.

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