Back to Basics

For the past couple months, my job has been sucking away my writing time and energy. April was the worst writing month I’ve had in years. May has been better, but not by much. 

One of the worst things, I realized last week, is that by not writing, I’m losing the habit. Even when I do have time and energy, digging into my current novel or a short story isn’t the first thing that pops to mind. I’m back to having to remind myself of what I’m working on, and forcing myself to do that work.

This is not acceptable. Yesterday I started a back to basics plan. Every morning, I will write before I do anything else. Every evening, I will write immediately after dinner (or immediately after getting home from drawing class/Toastmasters). Even just 5 minutes counts. And sort-of-writing activities like dealing with submissions count too. 

I might not get much done with this system, but it’s better than nothing, and it will keep my writing muscles in shape for when I can really get back to work.

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