Home again

This time to stay.  As amazing as these past few weeks have been, it’s good to get to sleep in my own bed again, spend time with my husband and catch up on everything else that’s been put on hold for writing and book promotion.

And boy, is there a long list of things to do.

1. My yard needs tending, and my garden needs a lot of work. Thankfully, I got a start on both these things the past few days.
2. Day job catching up.  This is also not the nightmare it might  have been since I’m no longer in tax season.  Although there is that pile of extensions waiting…
3. House cleaning.  The less said there, the better.
4. Hook up new computer.  Yes, I’ve had a shiny, brand new desktop computer just sitting in my office, waiting to be fired up for Elder Scrolls Online.
5. Play Elder Scrolls Online.  See above.
6. Organize office.  Because it looks like a tornado ripped through there and deposited books, gaming stuff and Dragonfly promo materials.
7. Finish the painting projects I started months ago.  Wall and trim painting, I mean.
8. Finish the bathroom. Also started several months ago.
9. Hang more pictures on the walls.  After the walls are painted, of course.

I could go on, but you get the idea.  So the next few weeks are all about finding that balance again, between life, day job, writing, and whatever else comes my way.

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