Changing Gears

My revision work on the Pathfinder book is winding down, finally, and I’m just about to send it in. Which means it’s time to move on to the next project. Projects. I don’t have a list like Kelly’s yet, but perhaps I need one. Because right now I’m in the middle of changing gears, and I’m grinding them a bit.

After finishing the book, I thought I would take a break and just do a few short stories. Something different, something smaller. Smaller, yes, but not easier. Problem is that beginnings are hard, and short stories have a much higher beginning to everything else ratio than books. Once I get over the start and get rolling, they go fast. But that start is just a pain in the arse.

Well, the goal is to try to get three of them knocked out by the beginning of summer. A schedule which will probably be completely destroyed when Paizo gets back to me with editorial notes. But goals are just a handy way to generate guilt, which that one should accomplish nicely.

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