On the to do List

In lieu of a real post I’m making a list of the upcoming projects I’m doing over the next few months.

  • Continue writing the WIP. Hopefully not forever.
  • Write a story for an anthology invite. For this, I’m reworking a story I wrote … sheesh … ten years ago or so? I decided to tackle this again several months ago, and so I ran in through my crit groups. “I want to make this a novella,” I said, “so crit it with that in mind.” The almost universal response was to keep it as a short story, and so I will.
  • Prepare for my reading at Wiscon at the end of May. I’d like to read a story I recently sold that has footnotes, which may require a helper. If I don’t read that I’ll read the first part of my story that appeared in Coins of Chaos. I usually make these type of decisions the day before. Someday I’m gonna get better at this shit.
  • Preparing for Origins in Columbus in June. Most of the prep work is done for this, but I still have to iron out some details.
  • Preparing for Gen Con in August. I’m going to be moderating a ton of panels and working the bookseller booth, so if you see me, I’ll probably require caffeine in order to make coherent conversation.

At some point in the past few years, I’ve developed an actual writing career. It doesn’t generate anywhere near enough money to live on–mostly, I get to buy more shoes and books–but still. I still aspire to make a living as a full time writer. Now, I just need to convince an agent who will convince a book publisher to do the same …


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