Random notes about audiobooks and the library

My Audible account is on hold. I can only listen to so many audiobooks per month. Plus, I discovered that when I get an audiobook from the library–which I put off doing for a long time because I knew I wouldn’t finish it before I had to return it–it remembers approximately where I was when I check it out again. That makes it much much easier, since I don’t have to listen to random pieces until I find the right place.

Books that return themselves are awesome. No fines, no emergency trips to the library to get things back on time, no guilt.

Audiobook apps need better tables of contents. And by better I mean usable at all. I’d like to have a table of contents like in an ebook app where I can look at the whole thing (written down) and skip to the chapter I want to read/listen to. Nearly all of my audiobook listening is nonfiction. Being able to skip around more easily would make audio nonfiction books more useful as references.

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