Picking Up Heavy Things

I ended up spending most of this winter cranking out the draft to my Pathfinder book. Which was good, but that was a lot of time sitting at a computer, typing. Which tends to encourage a certain kind of physical squalor which I’m not a big fan of. So exercise has been put back on the agenda. I’ve started running again, and practicing my martial arts forms with some vague attempt at regularity.

I also started lifting weights. It’s been five years since I’ve lifted– i.e. when we had kid duo. Not wanting to start with anything too complicated, I’ve decided to just do 2o rep deadlifts for now. That means I put a barbell on the floor, bend down (properly, this is very much a lift with your legs not your back type thing) and pick it up. Then I put it back down again. Simple.

Of course, the first time I did it, my body said Seriously? I thought we were done with this crap. I ignored it. The second time it mostly just said F*&% you man. F*&% you. This last time it mostly just sulked silently. It’s going well.

Except all the sore muscles are reminding me that I need a decent chair for my desk.

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