Lunch hour? What lunch hour?

Several years ago I read a blog post by a writer who talked about using writing as an escape from stress. When her real life got overwhelming, she could disappear into the book she was writing.


It would be so nice to work like that.


Lately, writing has often been feeling like just one more thing I have to do. My job has been busy, so I’ve been losing lunch hours or being too distracted to get much done when I do take a break.


When life gets like that, two things help me still get writing done: reshuffling my schedule so I’m doing easier writing tasks at certain times, like at lunch or on busy evenings, and keeping a careful balance between doing enough work to meeting my goals and not beating myself up for not doing enough. As much as I would like to have real writing deadlines, it’s nice to be able to do things at my own pace.

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