I finished going through the current book, making all the tweaks that I decided were needed after hearing from my wonderful crit group.

Now it’s time for copy edits. Yay–sob!

1) Clean up all the things that my critique partners noted.

2) Searches! These look for common errors. Also, it’s another way to make me look through the manuscript again, and I often catch things around the search terms.

A) It’s vs. Its

B) to vs. two vs. too

C) their vs. they’re vs. there

D) then vs. than (also good for making me check how many then’s I’ve used. I’m prone to then abuse)

E) Names- of characters, monsters, locations, etc. Anything I’ve made up needs to be checked for consistency

3) One more spell check.

4) Print it out, and read through, marking anything I find. So many pages.

5) Correct again.

6) Done! Until I get back the edit requests…





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