That’s rough

So how’s that book coming, almost no one asks…

Well, I just finished the rough draft! Yay, me!

So (all numbers approximate)–

That was around 105,000 words in about 2.5 months, which works out to around 1400 words a day. My goal to do at least 1000 words each day, but go for 2000, ended up being very useful. On days that the kids were in school, I got my 2K. On weekends, snow days, and sick days, I got 1K. There were some trips and holidays in there too, where I got zilch, but they were easily overcome by the fact that I was usually writing 2-300 words over my goals, especially on the 2K days.

Lessons learned- Detailed outlines are good. Reasonable goals are good. Consistency is good. Both children in school is good. Having a little room to write in is good. Scriveners project goal word count thingy is good. Snow is bad. Cats in front of the monitor are bad. Olympics and football are good, which makes them bad.

So now I can relax for a bit. Well, I have to revise this quick and send it out to my writing group. And then I have to revise that other book, so I can send it out to agents. And I have that short story I’m supposed to be doing. Plus all the other short story ideas that were bugging me while I focused on this novel. And I’ve fallen behind on sending out submissions. And even more behind on sending things out for reprint. And I need to do that detailed outline for the next book. And start it.

Oh, and I still have to revise and polish this one and send it in.

Also, there’s family, friends, house, exercise, life, etc.


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  1. Congratulations (again) on finishing the draft. Totally agree that snow is bad.

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