My con season is starting up, and one of the ways I’ve been avoiding writing lately is by signing up for panels.

I generally try to do a couple of panels and a reading at most of the cons I go to. Not so much because I enjoy blathering on–though I do, a little. Mostly I do them because it’s another way to meet people. There’s the people who come to see the panel, who even if I don’t get a chance to talk to them at least they now have some vague idea that I exist. Then there’s the other panelists. I’ve been introduced to some great people by sharing a panel with them. It’s a nice icebreaker for an introvert like me– if I’ve already sat next to someone for an hour and yakked about some topic, I start to feel that I can say hi to them later.

I usually try to limit myself to three panels though. More than that, and I start to burnout. Too much talking to groups. They also take away time from the real purpose of the con– hanging out with all the cool geeks.


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