Like many writers, I enjoy whining about never having enough time to get the writing done. So, with a contract in hand and a deadline looming, I decided to prioritize the writing. Two thousand words first, almost everything else later. Almost, because getting the kids fed, sorted, and out the door is pretty mandatory. After that though, writing.

This has been working out great. I’ve been reliably hitting my 2K a day goal (1K on weekend days), which means 10K a week. Which means draft 1 is almost done.


While the writing is getting done, little else is. My exercise program has gone out the window, and I’m too out of shape to chase it down. The house looks like a pack of wolves has gone through it, then left, disgusted by the service and complaining about the cleanliness. The children are still getting taken care of, but that’s because they insist on it, and muzzling them is apparently frowned upon. Also, my video games are so, so lonely.

This isn’t really surprising. There’s only so much time to jam activities into. The writing goes up, everything else goes down. I could stress about it (and I will!) but that uses up more time. Better to accept it, and just do what I can, when I can. I mean, it’s winter. I have a few months before the plagues of locusts come for the kitchen, right?

Ah, multitasking. It’s the best way to ensure that all your successes will be neatly matched with failures.

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