Reframing reading

Reading: I love it and I never read as many books as I would like. Last year, I upped my reading by first, vowing to read books instead of blog posts, and later, by listening to audiobooks instead of podcasts.

That still leaves me with a big stack of unread books. It’s mostly a virtual stack, but they nag at me. I’ve recently reframed the way I think about reading, though. Instead of “I want to read this book and this book and this book…” I’ve been aiming to read at certain times–not just before bed, but at dinner, weekend breakfasts, and thanks to audiobooks, while walking or cleaning.

This sounds kind of stupid when I write it out–who gets stressed out by unread books?–but thinking about it as just something to do, instead of a project to complete, gets rid of the stress and guilt of all those lurking books. Plus all those half-finished nonfiction books “count”.

Good thing, too, because you won’t believe how many good books I can check out in e- or audio form from my library.

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