And Three…

I kept trying to do a long post on my opinion on “If you can quit, quit” but I gave up.

Let’s just say that I’ve decided I dislike that piece of advice because it leads me into rambling, contradictory arguments with myself that ultimately don’t make much sense.

Instead, here’s a piece of writing advice that is working well for me right now– stop in the middle.

Let me expand, in case you haven’t heard this one before. Basically, this says that you shouldn’t stop writing at the resolution points of your story, when things are slowing down. That seems natural, but it can work against you. Instead, stop writing in the middle of a sword fight, an argument, some kissy stuff, whatever, because that’s interesting and your brain will keep mulling it over. So when you plop your butt back into the chair, you already have some momentum going.

I heard that one a while back, and it’s worked really well for me. It’s just a lot easier to wade into the WIP if I’m starting out in the middle of a scene. Things are all ready in motion, I just get them resolved and roll into the next thing.

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