Escape Plug

I have a story to plug this week!

It’s called The Golden Glass, and its about booze, small group dynamics, and inter-dimensional evil twins. The usual. It’s up now, and you can go read it or since this is Escape Pod, listen to it. And please think about tipping the Pod. They put out a lot of great stuff.

Two things about this-

Usually I try to promote new stories right when they come out. This one actually came out last week though. I didn’t plug it earlier because I had no idea that it was out until I happened to check their site. See, the contract didn’t say when it was appearing. They often don’t– usually the publisher will tell you that in an email. Turns out this one was published pretty much instantly, which for a podcast (which requires somebody recording the story) is really fast. This isn’t a complaint– it’s nice to see the stuff get out there. It’s just a little hey-whoa-okay.

Second, just a bit of biographical information. I lived in Wyoming for a few years. While there, I drove over to visit Salt Lake City a few times, mostly for snow boarding. Right on the Wyoming side of the state line is a little town called Evanston. Now, let’s just say that there is a bit of a cultural difference between Wyoming and Utah, which is reflected by certain state laws about what products are available to the fine citizens of each state. Crossing back into Wyoming on the way home, I was always amused by the billboards in Evanston. Billboards advertising fireworks, booze, and porn.

Driving past those billboards may have influenced this story.

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