Real Advice

To be honest, there’s not really much genuinely useful writing advice that I can give. So much of this stuff is YMMV. What isn’t is usually bleeding obvious- Write! Don’t stalk agents! Spellcheck is out to get you!

This week I had a reminder, though, of one really useful piece of advice.

Back your sh*t up.

I had one of those little panics where something seemed like it hadn’t saved, and that I had just lost a days work. Turns out it had, but that was not a fun five minutes. Another writer I knew had a similar experience, except she thought that she had lost a lot more writing, and had a lot more panic time before she recovered it.

This might seem like one of those obvious things, but I get lazy, and I know other people get lazy. We have to remember though that all this work is only so many electrons, and it can go poof so easily. Save multiple copies. Save them on multiple computers. Have a cloud storage service- I love Dropbox. Burn a disc occasionally, or save your files on a thumb drive. Email your stuff to yourself. Hell, you can even print it out. 

This is one of those fiddly little jobs that can become incredibly important in an instant. Especially when you have children. Or cats. Or both.


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