Happy New Year!

Hey look, it’s one of these posts that tons of people are making.

I did pretty well at meeting my writing goals in 2013, despite my tendency to overcommit myself and to change direction partway through the year.

1. Write and submit at least 4 new short stories: I counted flash as a third of a story, so 6 flash pieces and 1 full length story gets me to 3. I wrote a few more stories, but they don’t count because I haven’t submitted them yet.
2. Revise and submit one novel: Done (finally)
3. Finish the first draft of last year’s book (and maybe do the second draft, too): I finished the first draft and started the revision.
4. Write first draft of a new book: I started it…
5. Read books, not blogs: Despite Pocket’s insistence that I read a lot of blog posts, I feel pretty successful at this one.

My goals for 2014 are looking pretty similar:
1. Write 2 new short stories (not counting flash)
2. Submit 2 new stories
3. Finish the current novel this spring
4. Finish the second draft of the other novel
5. Query agents on the book I finished this year

There are a few other things on that list, but these are the highlights, at least for now. As usual I’ll probably revise this list throughout the year. Some projects take more time (or less, but usually more) than expected, or I hear of a submissions opportunity, or I realize I can apply to a certain workshop after all, and suddenly my priorities shift a bit.

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