Speaking of deadlines…

My good news, which I alluded to last week, is that I now have one.

I’ve mentioned before that I was passing a novel outline back and forth with a gaming company. Well, the outline finally got approved, and a contract has been signed.

Since things are all official now, I’ll tell you that the company is Paizo, the publishers of the Pathfinder roleplaying game. My novel will be a Pathfinder Tale, and that’s about as descriptive as I’m going to be until its done.

Since I’ve written about how much I wanted a deadline before, it would only be logical now for me to be freaking out about having one. But I’m not. Really! It helps that they gave me six months to write the thing, and I have a detailed outline. Plus, the short story I wrote for them will be the first four chapters of the book, so I already have that done. I’ve set the countdown deadline in Scrivener, and its been easy-peasy to hit it each day so far. Even with all the sick-kid wrangling last week. So my previous posts haven’t bitten me on the ass yet.

But we’ll revisit this subject again in a few months. I’m sure I’ll be just as positive then.




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