A Tale of Two Mice

Last night, we caught two mice in adjacent traps. Yay, two fewer mice to poop in the kitchen! But what was the second mouse thinking? Wouldn’t it have been warned away by the corpse?

I imagine it went something like this:


Sniff sniff.

Peanut butter! I love peanut butter! But there’s something else…overtones of death?

Hey, Fred! Didn’t see you there. Did you like the peanut butter?



Fred! No!

Oh, Fred, no. We had plans, Fred. We had dreams. What happens now to the little bungalow under the furnace? The summer cottage in the cornfield? Who will take me on adventures to the kitchen upstairs, or bring me cherry pits to gnaw? Fred, why?




Peanut butter! The salty, fatty, peanuty goodness will take my mind off you, Fred. I miss you so much already.


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