Finding time to write

It’s been a little over a year since I took the new job in Chicago. I have a longer commute now, I travel a fair amount, and I do more social activities with friends.  As a result my writing pace has slowed. I’ve learned a few things about my process, too.

1. I need to feel comfortable in my surroundings. I don’t get a lot of words in when I travel and I can’t write on the el during my commute. When I’m on a plane or at a hotel or on the el I’m constantly aware of my surroundings–who’s that guy sitting there? Did you hear that noise? My purse is still closed, right?–and so I can’t fall as deeply into the story as I need to. I’m starting to feel like our apartment is home and my productivity has increased.

2. I write well in coffee shops and cafes, but only if I’m alone. When I’m with others I tend to want to talk. This is great for business networking but terrible for word counts.



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