Drama vs. Logic

As I was finishing up a novel outline this week, I hit this particular issue. I had a situation set up that, on reflection, didn’t really make sense. Not a big deal, because I figured out how to make it work out all nice and logically with a little thought.


My fix wasn’t as dramatic as the first situation. It made a lot more sense, but it didn’t blow up quite as big and pretty as the original set up did. Seeing that made me waver a bit, but in the end I had to stick with my fix. Plot holes, no matter how pretty, are plot holes, and I just couldn’t leave it there. My characters would hate me, for one thing. It’s one thing to ruin their lives for them, it’s another to force them to act like complete morons and do something they would never do just to make the ruins sparkle a bit more.

And more importantly, I couldn’t do it because of the readers. Sure, some of them might skim over it and never notice, but others would. And it would bug them. It bugs me, when I hit something like that in a story.

It’s like a little piece of gristle in an otherwise great meal. Small, but it sticks in your teeth.

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  1. You describe this well – that bit of gristle that just seems to ruin things. Congrats on having the strength of purpose to resist the splashy drama in favour of sewing up the plot hole. Readers do appreciate such things.

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